Live Life Full-On With The Fuel That’s Designed To Last Longer


Motorists are increasingly value-conscious as they have to deal with the rising cost of living and the high cost of owning and maintaining a car in Singapore. However, Shell is strongly associated with V-Power – its premium fuel – and relatively premium pricing, which overshadowed the fuel efficiency benefits of the regular grade Shell FuelSave.


Shell Singapore recognised the need to steer away from a functional benefit approach and to appeal emotionally. Our proposition: “Live Life Full-On With The Fuel Designed To Last Longer”. Formulated to maximise fuel efficiency, Shell FuelSave helps value-conscious motorists fulfill their desire of living life to the full – staying open to life’s experiences even as they juggle a busy schedule that revolves around work and family commitments.

Besides the usual print, outdoor and radio mediums, we executed an Amazing Race-style FuelSave Challenge with well-known morning radio drive-time DJs Vernon and Justin (a.k.a. The Muttons). Their one-day challenge was filmed and turned into an online webisode series, with the first episode garnering more than 35,000 YouTube views in less than a week.